Solvent free epoxy floor paintSolvent free epoxy floor paint is suitable for the required wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, oil resistant, resistant to pressure, smooth surface, easy to clean, such as car parks, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, paper making, tobacco, chemical industry, textile, furniture and other production workshop high standards of the ground.Solvent free epoxy floor paint has the following advantages: the overall seamless, easy to clean, not gather dust and bacteria;Surface level off is smooth, color is rich, work can beautify the environment;The ground non-toxic, conform to the hygiene requirements;Has the skid resistance, the ground parking lot must have certain roughness, general cement floor is difficult to meet the requirements. No solvent epoxy floor paintSolventless epoxy floor paint, as a kind of high cleanliness of the ground adornment material, surface smooth level off, can meet the requirements of high cleanliness, usually for self-leveling construction, widely used in medicine, food, electronics, precision instruments, automobile manufacturing industry have extremely high request for the ground, such as no solvent epoxy floor paint has the following advantages: high bonding strength with base, hardening of the low shrinkage rate, not easy craze;The overall seamless, easy to clean, not gather dust and bacteria;A high solids, a film thickness;Without solvent, construction small toxicity, accord with environmental protection;High strength, wear resistance, durable, can long endure rolling of forklift, cart, and other car;Penetration resistance, chemical corrosion resistance is strong, also have good tolerance to oil;Room temperature curing film, easy maintenance;Surface level off is smooth, rich colors, can beautify the environment, the ground non-toxic, conform to the hygienic requirements.