Before the construction of epoxy floor paint, first of all, we should confirm the ground condition. If the ground is uneven, there are old paints and loose layers, it will directly affect the construction effect of the whole epoxy floor, so we should first grind the ground fully and remove cotton, so as to reduce the amount of paint used, increase the adhesion, make the film not easy to damage and rectify. The body effect looks smoother and more beautiful. Before the construction of epoxy resin floor paint, polishing the ground has a good effect on removing the cement blocks and powders on the new cement floor. It can effectively open the cement pore, so that the epoxy resin primer can penetrate and absorb better. The quality of the epoxy floor paint project plays a vital role.


  Therefore, it is particularly important to use a special grinder to grind the cement or concrete floor to remove the slurry layer on the surface and make the base surface meet the required roughness. The purpose is to enhance the bonding force between the coating material and the substrate. Specific grinding thickness is not required, depending on the original quality of the grass-roots.


  Ground grinding of cement foundation


  Cement floors for epoxy floor paint have the following requirements:

  1.水泥基面牢固、结实、不起壳,杜绝砂浆起壳现象, *好混凝土层与砂浆找平层一起浇注;如果先捣混凝土层,则要求砂浆层的厚度不低于4cm,叉车道则要求更厚一些。

  1. Cement base surface is firm, firm and can't afford shelling. It's better to pour the concrete layer together with the mortar leveling layer. If the concrete layer is tampered first, the thickness of the mortar layer is not less than 4cm, and the forklift lane is thicker.


  2. Require no sand on the surface, good hardness and no cement pulverization. Requirements A, high quality cement. B. Full maintenance of newly poured cement mortar layer


  3. The cement base surface is flat, without bumps, honeycomb linen surface and cement keloid.

  4.要求地面平整性不大于涂装要求厚度(用3 米直尺平靠);

  4. Require that the surface flatness should not be greater than the required coating thickness (with 3 meters ruler flat);


  5. The surface is dry and the water content is less than 6. Keep the ground dry and free of oil pollution. Keep in mind that after the maintenance period of the cement ground, you should not wash or mop the ground with water five days before entering the construction site.


  6. The PH value of the floor surface should be between 6.0 and 8.0.


  7. There is no oil stain, other paint, latex paint, bubble sugar and other residues on the ground.


  8. The gradient should meet the design requirements. The allowable deviation value is 2% of the gradient, and it is not more than 30 mm.