腻子刮痕是指环氧地坪漆涂料涂层表面刮过腻子的部分产生残痕或失光现象,而环氧地坪漆的工序主要划分包括底漆层、砂浆层、腻子层和面漆层,因为环氧地坪漆腻子层是 *接近面漆的一层,而面漆层又非常的薄,这就产生了如果腻子层在批刮施工时留下了痕迹,辊涂面漆后,从而使整个环氧地坪工程都将存在刮痕。让施工和打磨都比较费力。因为耐水腻子较结实, 产品胶性大,搅拌和批刮时要比非耐水腻子困难。耐水腻子的强度也要比非耐水腻子高,打磨时也会比较费力。如果环氧地坪漆工程出现大量刮痕,将会严重影响环氧地坪的表光效果。并且会导致环氧地坪的摩擦系数提升,将导致无法达到前期商定的要求。因此如何避免出现腻子层刮痕是非常有必要的。

  Putty scratch refers to the phenomenon that the part of the epoxy floor paint surface scratched over the putty produces residual marks or loss of gloss, while the process of epoxy floor paint mainly includes primer layer, mortar layer, putty layer and topcoat layer, because the putty layer of epoxy floor paint is the closest to topcoat layer, and the topcoat layer is very thin, which results in this phenomenon. If the putty layer leaves traces during batch scraping construction, the scratches will exist in the whole epoxy flooring project after roller coating. Make construction and grinding more laborious. Because the water-resistant putty is stronger and the product is more gelatinous, it is more difficult to mix and scrape than the non-water-resistant putty. The strength of water-resistant putty is also higher than that of non-water-resistant putty, and it will be more laborious when polishing. If there are a lot of scratches in the epoxy floor paint project, it will seriously affect the gloss effect of the epoxy floor paint. The friction coefficient of epoxy flooring will be increased, which will lead to the failure to meet the agreed requirements. Therefore, how to avoid the appearance of putty scratches is very necessary. 环氧环氧地坪漆腻子刮痕产生的原因:

  Causes of Scratch on Putty of Epoxy Floor Paint:


  1. Scraping putty parts without sealing primer, putty layer has a large oil absorption;


  2. The putty used has large shrinkage and is easy to deform after curing, resulting in putty residue.


  3. Lack of polishing, concave and convex, uneven phenomena appeared in the coated putty layer, and epoxy topcoat was directly constructed without treatment.


  Putty Scratch


  Effective methods to avoid scratches on putty of epoxy floor paint:


  1. Because of the large shrinkage, the putty residue should be scraped with matching putty.


  2. To avoid putty residue, it is suggested that the coated putty layer should be polished sufficiently, and then epoxy finish should be applied after it is bright and smooth.


  3. Because the sealing layer of the primer is not strong and the oil absorption of the putty layer is too large, we should brush the sealing primer before scraping the putty layer, and do a good job of grass-roots treatment.